MIT Engineer Re-invents the Backpack

Author Maxim Frederick / Category Engineering / Published: Apr-05-2020

It was the perfect life. Except for one problem, that was bugging him more and more everyday.

Sometimes the solution to a centuries old problem can pop up in the oddest place - in this case, an amazing solution to back pain was literally sitting right before our eyes for the entire time.
Do you suffer from back and shoulder pain, after wearing a backpack for prolonged periods of time? If you do you are not alone, according to studies by Italian researchers, over 60% of backpack users have acute or chronic back pain.
Remy was no different.

Remy has been a digital nomad since 2016 and as a freelance product designer, he has travelled to nearly 50 countries. He would spend the summers in the beautiful old cities of Europe and the winters on the beaches of Thailand.

It was the perfect life. Except for one problem, that was affecting him more and more everyday. He had to carry his laptop with him everyday on his travels. It was putting a huge toll on his back.

Front-view of Bagabon (SOURCE)

The Answer was in Japan

It was also around this time he noticed fanny packs were becoming more and more popular. The only issue was that they are only big enough to fit a phone. Which was unfortunate since they’re actually much more comfortable since the weight is distributed on your waist instead of your spine.

However after doing some research he stumbled upon an ancient traditional Japanese belt called the "Obi" usually worn with the kimono that could be used to store and carry your larger belongings.

Remy decided to take less programming gigs and use instead his engineering degree to design a bigger fanny pack that could fit an entire 15” laptop.

The Kimono inspired Bagabon (SOURCE)

He made a prototype by hand. It looked great and worked like a fanny pack. However there was one issue. Since a laptop is much heavier than the contents of a fanny pack, the belt had to be designed much better. It wasn’t comfortable to wear for a long time because the weight of laptop would tug on the belt.

After months of trying to figure out a better design for the belt. Remy had an epiphany moment.

One day he went to workout at the gym. Remy has been training consistently for many years and was advanced enough to perform pull-ups with up to 80kg added in addition to his bodyweight. The weight was added by a belt, and it was while performing pull-ups he realized the answer has been here the entire time!

This weightlifting belt can handle 80kg comfortably. Surely this would be the perfect design for the bag!

This belt was 4-inches thick and padded and used a velcro securing system instead of a clip-buckle. He quickly went home after this workout to test this design and with this ONE WEIRD EPIPHANY the new laptop waist bag was born!

Bagabon doesn't load the spine and can help alleviate back and shoulder pain (SOURCE)

A belt which helped inspire the Bagabon Bag (SOURCE)

At first, he only made the bag for himself. However when many of the fellow freelancers asked whether he can make one for them, he decided to offer it to the public!

He started a 30-day Kickstarter campaign and within 36 hours he had reached his funding goal, started mass production and now has sold the bag to customers in over 20 countries!

Where can you get Bagabon?


I really feel like everyone should have one! Furthermore it comes with not just a 100-day money-back guarantee but also a lifetime warranty. That means you can Try it, wear it, and if you don't see improvements in your back in 100 days, send it back for a full refund!

We spoke with Remy and he has agreed to give the special offer to you for reading his story this far. A long attention span is rare these days of age and he respects those that have it. The discount code is ATTENTION.

Not Available In All Areas

Due to high demand, the Bagabon is not available in all countries. Stock is very limited.

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